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Gender X - Lustrous Galaxy Glass Wand
Adam & Eve - Glass Prostate Massager
Secret Kisses 5.5'' - Glass Handblown Double Ended Dildo
Playboy - Pleasure - Glass Beads - Butt Plug
Playboy Pleasure - Jewels Wand - Glass Dildo
Playboy Pleasure - Jewels King - Glass Dildo
Secret Kisses 7.5'' Handblown Double Ended Glass Dildo
Satisfyer Double Crystal - Glass Dildo
Satisfyer - Sparkling Crystal - Glass Dildo

Unveil Elegance and Pleasure: Explore Glass Dildos.

Indulge in sophistication and sensuality with our handpicked collection of Glass Dildos. Designed to provide exquisite pleasure and visual appeal, these Glass Dildos offer a unique experience that transcends ordinary sensations.

Our glass dildos are crafted with precision to cater to your deepest desires. Made from body-safe, non-porous glass, they provide a smooth, firm surface for heightened stimulation while ensuring effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Temperature play takes sensual exploration to new heights with Glass Dildos. These versatile toys can be gently warmed or cooled, offering a thrilling sensory experience.

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What is a Glass Dildo ?

A Glass Dildo is a type of sex toy designed for sexual pleasure and penetration. It is typically made from high-quality, body-safe borosilicate glass, which is known for its durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. Glass dildos come in various shapes, sizes, and textures, and they are often crafted with smooth, non-porous surfaces.

One of the distinctive features of glass dildos is their ability to retain and transmit temperature. Users can experiment with temperature play by warming the dildo in warm water or cooling it in the refrigerator before use.

Glass dildos are valued for their aesthetic appeal, ease of cleaning, and compatibility with different types of lubricants. They can be a versatile addition to one's collection of pleasure products, offering a unique and visually stimulating experience.

Do you want to learn more about Dildos? Read our blog post: What's a Dildo, right here.

Curious about the safety of glass dildos? Discover everything you need to know in our latest blog post, 'Are Glass Dildos Safe?' Uncover the facts, dispel myths, and learn how to safely enjoy these elegant pleasure tools. Click now to ensure your peace of mind and enhance your experiences with confidence!

Can I use a Glass Dildo anally?

Certainly! Glass dildos are suitable for anal play. Their smooth and non-porous surface makes them easy to clean and sanitise, reducing the risk of bacteria retention. However, it's crucial to choose a glass dildo with a flared base or handle to prevent it from getting lost during anal use. Always ensure that the dildo is free from any chips or cracks before use to avoid any potential harm. Additionally, use a generous amount of water-based or silicone-based lubricant to enhance comfort and pleasure during anal play with a glass dildo.

Discover Our Friendly Guide: Anal Sex for Beginners: Tips and Techniques? Right here.

How do I clean and maintain my Glass Dildo?

Proper cleaning is essential for maintaining your Glass Dildo. Most are easy to clean with mild soap and warm water.

For an extra layer of hygiene, using a sex toy cleaner is highly recommended as it effectively removes all bacteria, ensuring your intimate moments are not only pleasurable but also clean and safe.

Store in a cool, dry place, and check the product manual for any specific care instructions.

Delve into our comprehensive article to discover more essential tips and friendly advice right here.

What types of lubricants are suitable for use on Glass Dildos?

You can use both water-based and silicone-based lubricants on glass dildos. Both types of lubricants are compatible with the smooth surface of glass and can enhance your pleasure during use.

Check out our blog for more important tips and friendly advice on lubricants right here.

Are Glass Dildos suitable for beginners?

Yes, Glass Dildos can be suitable for beginners. Start with smaller sizes and smooth textures for a comfortable experience.

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Quality with a capital Q! These products are not just good; they're show-stopping. I've never had a dull moment since I discovered your store. You're my adulting hero!

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